Alternative Splicing



Area under Precision-Recall curve

Total score

Final Ranking

Estimation of Model Parameters Challenge



P-value for Parameter Predictions

Call Np the number of parameters to predict. Each model has a different number of parameters.  Models 1, 2 and 3 have N= 34, 41 and 57 parameters to predict. Let’s denote as vipred and vireal the predicted and actual parameters used in the simulations where i runs between 1 and Np.

Classification of AML



Pearson: The Pearson correlation between the ideal confidence values (that is, 1 for the twenty AML patients and 0 for other subjects) and the confidence of the predictions for each patient. This measure determined an order amongst the top performing teams whose precision and recall were 1.

Prec: The Precision of the predictions, defined as the fraction of correct AML patients amongst the first 20 predictions.

Promoter Activity Prediction Challenge



Cp: The Pearson correlation between the measured promoter activity and the predicted promoter activity. This is a measure of the co-linearity between measured and predicted promoter activities.

 χ2: The   χ 2 metric is defined as,


DREAM6/FlowCAP2 Molecular Classification of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to diagnose Acute Myeloid Leukaemia from patient samples using flow cytometry data.


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DREAM6 Gene Expression Prediction Challenge

Predict gene expression levels from promoter sequences in eukaryotes

Submission is closed


6th Annual DREAM conference

Brief information about this conference: 
Conference to discuss the results of the DREAM6 challenges
DREAM6 Conference, Oct 14 2011, Barcelona

DREAM6 Date: October 14, 2011

DREAM6 Venue: IDIBELL institute, Barcelona, Spain

DREAM6 Keynote Speakers

  • Edda Klipp.

DREAM6 Estimation of Model Parameters Challenge

Inference of the kinetic parameters of three gene regulatory networks by iterative optimization and experimental design

Submission is closed

DREAM6 Alternative Splicing Challenge

Reconstruct the alternatively spliced mRNA transcripts from short-read mRNA-seq data
Important Note

You cannot publish the Gold Standard for Alternative Splicing Challenge without the explicit permission by Gustavo Stolovitzky (gustavo AT us.ibm.com) and Myke Snyder (michael.snyder AT yale.edu)



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